How to user test a prototype from within Adobe XD

Want to launch a User Experience Test of a prototype created in Adobe XD? Now it´s easier than ever.

From within Adobe XD simply click on “Get Plugins”, and then find and launch Userlytics.

Add Userlytics plugin

Now, insert your username and password of your Userlytics account.

Username / Password

Give a name to the Usability Test and select whether the participants should access the prototype from a desktop or a mobile device

Give a name to the test

After that, you can decide whether to use your own user testing participants or use the worldwide userlytics panel, and how many participants you want for your UX Test.

Select participants

Select the OS and insert the public link for participants to access it.

Public link Enable Public Link Adobe XD

Now simply click on Go to Test script and then launch it!

Enable Public Link Adobe XD

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