Our automated video transcription capability provides you a unique way to quickly browse through the transcribed text copy of the audio of each participant session and identify key moments and events, without watching the video.

You can browse through the text, segmented by each task and question, and/or search for specific keywords and jump directly to those key moments.

The text is all time stamped, so clicking anywhere on the transcription will take you to that timeline moment in the video, very cool!

transcription example

Follow these steps to generate your first transcription:

    • – Access your customer account in Userlytics
    • – Go to Completed or Open tests to locate the session you want to transcribe
    • – Click on Session Transcription


    • Now, select all the transcripts you want, select the language and accent (region/country) of participants and click on Transcribe Selected

 transcription Userlytics

  • You will receive an email confirming when the transcription is ready.
  • Once you receive the email, go to the transcription section again, and you will find a new button (Access Transcription) to the right of the session from which you requested the transcript. Click on “Access Transcription”. Now you can browse through the transcribed text for each task/question, conduct searches of the text, jump to specific moments, and create annotations.

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