Skipping Logic

Skipping Logic is a feature that determines which questions will be asked next based on how the previous question was answered. Skipping logic, also known as branching logic, allows you to customize test questions to the actions and answers of your tester. Additionally, skipping logic creates smoother tests as questions which are unnecessary for some testers are skipped based on how they answer other questions.

Skipping logic can be configured on the test builder in the tasks and the screener. By clicking one of the pink arrow buttons on your response options, you will expand the option to add skipping logic to your responses.

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For example, if you wanted to ask a tester what their favorite color is, and then direct them to another question that asks about that color, you would add skipping logic so that they are only asked about that specific color:

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Thus when a tester chooses “Blue” as their favorite color, they are directed to the question “Pick your favorite Blue thing:” and skips the other unnecessary questions (“Pick your favorite Red thing”, etc.)

This is also extremely helpful in the screener feature. By using skipping logic, you can tailor your tester population as well as make it quicker and smoother for your participants to be screened. You can add skipping logic to your screener in the same way you do in the tasks by clicking the pink arrows on your question:

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In the screener, you can set certain questions to redirect your users to other questions that are more relevant based on their answers. You can also set your skipping logic to send a user straight to the “qualified” stage or the “disqualified” stage depending on how they answer. A user disqualified will get a message letting them know they do not fit the demographics for the test. A user qualified will send the tester to the landing page to begin the test.

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