How to share Project Results

One of Userlytics’ most useful features is its “Share Project Results” capability. This capability allows those conducting user experience tests with Userlytics to share key test metrics and recordings with important company stakeholders and team members. By simplifying the process of sharing key usability findings with key stakeholders and company partners, you will be able to prove the value of your UX research, make meaningful usability improvements, and increase overall investments in this important aspect of business development.

Below is a step-by-step guide on how to share your UX project results:

Find “Share Project Results” under “Completed Tests” tab

If you wish to share your test results with stakeholders, team members, or any other valued business partners, you can do so via the “Completed Tests” tab on your admin panel, and clicking “Share Project Results.”

Share Project Results

Find Shareable URL

One you click on “Share Project Results,” you will be taken to a page where you can copy a shareable URL that allows others to view your test results on a test-specific dashboard.

Choose a Password for Added Security

You have the option of adding a secure password to your shared project results if you would like to bring an added layer of security to your study results. If you do not define a password, anyone with access to the link will be able to see the shared dashboard of this project.

Choose Video Download Preferences

Depending on who you are sending your UX test results to, you may want to allow them to download videos of your participants’ tests in order to give them more insight into your usability study. On the “Share Project Results” page, we give you the option to allow or disallow video downloads from your shared dashboard. Choose “Yes” or “No,” and feel free to change these settings at any time.

Customize Look of Results

Userlytics gives you the option to customize the way your shared project results appear in order to match your brand’s overall look and aesthetic. Choose to upload your brand’s logo and change the background color and secondary color of your results page. Or, if you’d like, stick with Userlytics’ brand colors.

Private Label Configuration

Share Key Results all in One Place

The shareable link you send out will take your colleagues to a dashboard with access to the most important parts of your UX test. On the dashboard, viewers will be able to access full video sessions of your UX test, important quantitative and qualitative metrics, and detailed annotations from your testing sessions.

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