How to share Account Access and/or Projects with colleagues

Changing the admin role allows you to restrict or allow certain access to different users of your client account. There are three admin roles which allow different access to the user dashboard and tests:

Super Admin: Can create new user accounts, assign and reassign credits amongst accounts/users, and edit roles (Super Admin, Admin, and User)

Admin: Access to all user accounts

User: Only has access to their own account

You can change the admin role by accessing the “User Admin” tab on your dashboard, and using the drop-down box to choose the admin role you wish to set.

Change role

Sharing project results allows you to share a specific tests’ results with others.

If you wish to share your test results, you can do so via the “Completed Tests” tab on your admin panel, and clicking “Share Project Results”.

Share Project Results

This will take you to a page where you can copy a share URL that allows others to view your test results on a test-specific dashboard.

Test specific dashboard

Those you share this test-specific dashboard with can view the test results, but they cannot interact with the results or create annotations or highlight reels. To interact with test results from another user, you can log in as another user via the user admin tab. Click on this icon to login to the chosen user:

Log in as another user

To protect your test results and restrict access only to those you share the URL with, you can add a password.

Additionally, you can alter the shared dashboard to show your own company logo and company colors by adjusting the Private Label Configuration on the right of this page.

Private Label Configuration

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