What is a Live Conversation?

Our newest feature allows you to have a 1 on 1 live session with a participant, thus allowing you to have real-time feedback and dive deeper into any questions/issues that come up. 

What are the key aspects to bear in mind for a Userlytics Live Conversation?

This feature is optimized for use with the latest version of Google Chrome. Other browsers are also supported; you can access a full list of technical requirements here.

Each party will have a unique link to join the session, multiple users should not use the same link. This is also true for observers.

Wear earphones/headphones, and avoid using multiple monitors.

Ensure the participant’s screen is shared – even if there is no asset being tested and it’s just the Userlytics splash screen. This is what triggers the recording to begin automatically.

How long are Live Conversations?

Up to 60 minutes.

How do I launch a Live Conversation?

Very easily! Simply follow this step-by-step guide:

1 – Select “Live Conversation” in the first step of the test creation process

2 -Continue through the test creation process until you reach the “Schedule” step.

3 -Here is where you’ll be able to define the time slots in which you are available. We highly recommend adding more slots than the number of participants you’re looking to test with, in order to provide more flexibility.

In order to create a new available slot, simply click on the desired time slot on the timetable. You can also delete created slots by clicking on them and then clicking on the trash icon.

There are a few things you should bear in mind when scheduling participants:

  • Keep an eye on the time zone setting in the top right-hand corner. Make sure it is reflecting your time zone.
  • Each session has a 15-minute buffer at the end.
  • You may only open a slot for a Live Session up to 20 minutes before the session is due to start when recruiting your own users. If you are sourcing participants from the Userlytics Panel, the minimum time is up to 3 hours before the session starts.

4- You’ll then only need to create a screener (if applicable) and your test script. It is not necessary to create a script for Live Conversations, although we do recommend it if you’re looking to add quantitative questions or provide URLs to participants.

5- You may review your test using the Quick Preview option if you wish. When you’re ready, you may go ahead and launch your test. Congratulations! You have just created a new Live Conversation study.

If you selected Userlytics Panel participants, we will start inviting participants to the Live Conversation and as soon as a slot has been reserved you will receive a notification.

You can access the schedule for the Live Conversation study at any time in your dashboard. If you need to modify slots after launching the test, you can also do this here.

How do I invite my own participants to a Live Conversation?

  1. After launching your project, you will be provided with a URL that you may send to your participants. 

This URL can also be found under “Collect Responses”.

  1. Each time one of your participants books a time slot, you’ll receive a confirmation email with the link to start that specific session, alongside the scheduled date and time.

We recommend that you tell participants to:

  • Join 10 minutes prior to the scheduled time
  • Use Google Chrome as it works best with our system
  • Double check their microphone and webcam
  • Use earphones / headphones

How do I start a Live Conversation?

You have two ways of starting the Live Conversation:

    1. Using the email confirmation and clicking on the “ACCESS” link provided
    2. Using the “Scheduled Sessions” page and clicking on the upcoming session

A few recommendations before joining the session:

  • Join 5-10 min prior to the scheduled time in order to ensure that everything is set up correctly
  • Use Google Chrome
  • Use earphones / headphones

What do I do once I’ve joined the session?

Once you’ve joined the session, you should be able to hear/see the participant. Please note that until the participant allows for sharing their screen, the recording will not start. You can ask them to do so by clicking on the button “Share screen” which they will see in the right-hand corner of their screen. 

This is very important because the recording will start only when the participant shares their screen.

When the session comes to an end, simply click on “Finish Session”. The result, along with the metrics (if any), will be uploaded to your dashboard soon after.

Can I cancel a scheduled session? 

Yes, go to “Scheduled sessions”, click on the slot you’d like to cancel, and then on the trash icon. Please bear in mind that participants may be negatively affected when canceling a session so we ask that you only do this if necessary. If less than 4 hours cancellation notice is provided, credits will still be used as participants will still receive their incentive.

Can I invite observers to the session?

Yes! You can add up to 5 observers here. Note that each observer will receive their own link.

Can Userlytics moderate the session? 

Yes! If you’d like us to moderate the session, please contact your Account Manager.

Can I share my webcam with the participant?

Yes, your webcam (if detected) will be shared with the participant automatically, however,  you can disable it at any point with the camera button as shown below.

How do I mute myself?

By clicking on the microphone button next to the webcam.

What happens if we encounter a technical issue or the session cannot continue?

If that’s the case, please use the “Discard this Session” button and send an email to operations@userlytics.com with the problem you experienced.

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