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Userlytics’ Live Conversations web recorder makes it quick and easy for testers to join fun and interesting moderated user experience tests with brands from all around the world. Best of all, you don’t need to download any type of software, application or extension to join a Live Conversation session, making it incredibly easy to get started! Below we go over how you can get started on a Live Conversation, how to complete your test, what to expect and more.

What is a Live Conversation?

Live Conversations is Userlytics’ moderated usability testing feature. The feature allows you to use screen and webcam sharing to be face-to-face with a moderator who will guide you through an interactive user experience test. The whole experience is much like a one-on-one interview, and you will be walked through the entire testing process. Being part of a Live Conversation helps brands improve the usability, function and design of their websites, apps and other platforms.

By participating in a Live Conversation, you are helping make the world more user-friendly!

Who is the Live Conversation Moderator?

The moderator for a Live Conversation is typically either a team member of the brand whose platform or are testing or a Userlytics research expert. The job of the moderator is to guide you through the Live Conversation questions, answer any concerns you may have, and to make you feel comfortable throughout the duration of the test. You will be able to see and hear the moderator of your Live Conversation test via audio and video sharing.

How will I Receive a Live Conversation Invitation?

If you are not a registered Userlytics tester but someone you know has asked you to participate in their usability study, you may receive your Live Conversation invitation in a few different ways.
One way to receive your Live Conversation invitation is through a personalized email containing a link to the test. Additionally, the test creator may send you the invitation link via another messaging platform, such as Slack or text. Lastly, the test creator may include a Widget on their website that allows anyone to sign-up for their Live Conversation. You will receive several email reminders leading up to the test so that you don’t forget when to sign on!

How do I Schedule a Date and Time for my Live Conversation?

Once you receive a Live Conversation invitation, paste the provided link into your web browser to begin the process of scheduling your test. The first page that appears will have an entry form that asks you to enter your name and email address to begin. After entering your name and email address, click the “Continue” button.

After submitting your name and email address, you will be led to a calendar that lists all the available Live Conversation time slots the test creator has selected.

Click on the free slot that matches your availability. After clicking on the session time you would like to schedule, A new dialog box will appear detailing the session information. Once everything looks good, select “Book Session.”

After selecting “Book Session,” a thank you page will appear detailing the session date and time. The page will show some tips for preparing for the Live Conversation, and will contain a link to the session. You can copy the link and put it in a safe space in order to have it ready for the day of your Live Conversation. Alternatively, you can easily access the link on the day of your Live Conversation by clicking the session slot on your personal calendar, where the link will be accessible. The reminder emails you receive leading up to your Live Conversation will also contain this link. You should enter the provided link into your browser at least 15 minutes before the session start time on the date of your scheduled Live Conversation in order to make sure your system is ready to go.

How Should I Prepare for my Live Conversation?

Ahead of your scheduled session, you should go through the following checklist to make sure everything is ready to go:

Computer / Internet Requirements

  • Have your computer handy
  • Have the latest version of Google Chrome
  • Remover browser firewalls
  • Maintain a stable Internet connection (wired connection is preferred, if possible)
  • Minimum bandwidth required is 600kbps (up/down) and recommended is 1.5 Mbps (up/down)

Video / Audio Requirements

  • Make sure your webcam is set up and working properly
  • Use headphones with microphone for the best audio quality
  • Maintain one of the following video resolutions:
    1280 x 720
    640 x 480
    320 x 240
  • VP8 video format (the WebRTC standard)

Processor and RAM

  • RAM: 4GB Minimum
  • Processor: Dual Core 2Ghz or Higher (i3/i5/i7 or AMD equivalent)
  • For optimum screen sharing performance, on laptops we recommend a quad core processor or higher

Additional Requirements

  • Situate yourself in a quiet environment
  • Have enough available time to complete the test

What Should I Expect Before Starting the Live Conversation?

Once it is 15 minutes before your scheduled Live Conversation session, you should enter the provided URL into your web browser. Now, the page should contain a button that says “Start Test.” By clicking on this button, you will be directed to a pre-test before you can begin the Live Conversation.

The purpose of the Live Conversation pre-test is to ensure everything on your computer is working properly so that there will be no errors during the Live Conversation, such as a faulty Internet connection, problems with the webcam or microphone, or issues with your web browser. During the pre-test, you will be guided through a series of prompts and will have to wait a few moments as we assess your system configuration.

After the pre-test is complete, a new screen will appear going over the pre-test results. If there are any issues with your system, the pre-test will provide instructions on how to correct them. Once everything checks out, the top of the screen should read “Pre-test checks successful.” You should then click the “Continue” button to begin the Live Conversation session.

What Should I Expect during the Live Conversation?

During the Live Conversation, you can expect to see yourself and the moderator on the right-hand side of the screen. The moderator will greet you, explain the basics of the test, and you will begin.

Throughout the duration of the Live Conversation, the moderator will guide you through questions, asking you to speak aloud and fill in or click on your responses at times. If you are ever lost or confused, feel free to ask your moderator questions aloud or to use the chat feature to write out any comments or questions you may have.

Much of the Live Conversation will feel like a friendly conversation or interview. So don’t stress, and above all, have fun!

What Functionalities Does the Live Conversation Web Recorder Have?

Our Live Conversation web recorder contains many of the same functionalities as most commonly used video conferencing applications, including the following:

Mute audio or video option

If you need to mute your mic or your video at any point during the test, simply hover your mouse over the image of your webcam feed. If both your mic and camera are working, the mic and camera icons should appear in green. Please only do this if it is totally necessary, as capturing your video and audio is an important aspect of Live Conversations.

To turn off your mic, click on the microphone icon until it turns red. Keep in mind that Live Conversations typically require you to speak throughout the duration of the test, so only mute your mic if it is totally necessary.

To turn off your camera, click on the camera icon until it turns red and your screen is video feed is no longer visible. Keep in mind that Live Conversations typically require your face to be visible throughout the duration of the test, so only turn off your camera if it is totally necessary.


Our web recorder’s chat feature is on the bottom right-hand corner of the Live Conversation screen. Simple click on the chat box, type out your message, and click “Send” to send it to the session moderator. Make sure you pay attention to this box throughout the duration of the Live Conversation, as the moderator may choose to communicate with you in this format depending on the test.

Screen sharing

You will be asked to share your screen during the pre-test portion of the Live Conversation to allow for the moderator to properly guide you through the test. When you first begin the Live Conversation, a pop-up should appear asking if you would like to share your screen. Select the option that says “Your Entire Screen,” and then click share.

If at any point during the test you need to turn your screen share on again, you can click on the right-hand corner button of the Live Conversation screen that says “Share screen.”

If screen sharing is enabled you should see a gray button that says “Stop share.” If at any point during the test you need to stop sharing your screen, you can click on this button to pause the screen share.

What Happens if I Cannot Attend the Live Conversation Scheduled Time?

When you are scheduling your Live Conversation session, double check that you are available on the date and time you choose. Because of the coordination required to set up a Live Conversation session, it is very important that you are careful when selecting a date and time for your session. If an unexpected conflict comes up and you can no longer attend your scheduled Live Conversation session, you can cancel and reschedule your appointment with no penalty as long as you do so at least 24 hours before the session starts. This gives the moderator time to update their calendar and find a replacement.

If you need to cancel your appointment within 24 hours of the session, your tester rating will unfortunately be penalized. Please keep in mind the time and effort needed to schedule a testing session.

Lastly, if you do not show up to a session without previous notice, invitations to your Userlytics account will be paused for at least four weeks. This is to ensure our testers are reliable and to keep our system running smoothly.

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