Client Recruitment: Invitation Widget

If you are supplying your own testers, you can create a customizable invitation widget and add it to your page or website. You can find this by clicking “Open tests” and, in your chosen project, click “collect responses.” Next, scroll down to “Landing Page Intercept (Widget)”:

Invitation widget image Invitation widget image

This widget allows testers to simply click on a button to be brought to the test starting page. You can customize the widget size, color, and text, and choose whether you would like to show the number of open slots left in your project. Preview the widget to the right.

To add this widget to your page or website, simply copy the HTML Snippet Code and paste it into your website code.

This will add the widget to your page, and allow testers who visit the page to click on the button to be brought to the test starting page. Note that when your test slots are full, the button will lead to a page explaining the test is finished.

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