How to Launch a Live Conversation Test

With Userlytics’ Live Conversation feature, you can conduct remote user experience tests with the active participation of a trained facilitator or moderator. Like unmoderated usability tests, Live Conversations include advanced UX testing features like picture-in-picture, skipping logic, customizable task templates, Card Sorting, Tree Testing and more. Our Live Conversations feature can help you understand the mental model of your customer base, and use this information to improve your product design and overall customer experience.

What is a Live Conversation?

Live Conversations is Userlytics’ moderated usability testing feature. The feature allows you to quickly launch real time interviews and screen/webcam sharing with participants who match the characteristics of your target audience. Choose participants from our global panel of nearly one million participants, or leverage your own respondents or those of a third party recruitment panel. Best of all, participants do not need to download any type of software, application or extension to join a Live Conversation session, making it incredibly simple for onboarding both B2C and B2B participants.

How Do I Create a Live Conversations Usability Test?

To create a Live Conversations usability test, first click “Create New Test” on your Userlytics dashboard.

This will take you to the first page of your Userlytics test builder. Here, there will be a few sections for you to fill out to get started creating your UX test. First, you will be asked to choose a “Public Name” for your test. This is the name your participants will see and should reflect the brand and asset you will be testing. Then, if you wish, you can assign an “Internal Name” for your test that only you and your colleagues will be able to see. Then, in the “Test Type” section of the test builder, find the selection options for “Study Type.” Click on “Live Conversation” to select this option. Currently, only websites and prototypes can be tested with our Live Conversation feature, but mobile applications will soon also be available for Live Conversation testing.

How Do I Schedule my Live Conversation(s)?

To schedule the date and time of your Live Conversation, click on “Schedule” from within the menu at the top of the screen.

Then, a calendar will appear. Click on any available time slots within the calendar to schedule a Live Conversation session during that time.

Once you select a time slot, a dialog box will appear confirming the session time. Click “Schedule Session” to confirm the Live Conversation date and time.

After clicking “Schedule Session,” a new block will appear on your calendar indicating the open Live Conversation you have scheduled. When participants are invited to your usability study, they will be able to choose from all the open Live Conversation sessions you have created based on their availability.

How Do I Invite Participants to my Live Conversation(s)?

If you are leveraging our global participant panel, Userlytics will handle inviting participants to your study, allowing them to choose from the available time slots you have created. If you choose to bring your own users (BYOU) to your testing study, inviting them to join your test is easy and instant. Once you have finished creating and launching your test, there will be a section on your dashboard that says “collect responses.” By clicking on this prompt, you will have the ability to invite your participants via a personalized link. You can choose to send the link on your own through the platform of your choice, and can send it via an email you customize within the dashboard.

Another option for inviting your own participants to your Live Conversation is via a small widget on your website, also available within the “collect responses” section of your Userlytics dashboard. Here, you will be able to copy a small section of code (HTML & JS) and paste it into your site to offer visitors the opportunity to complete your UX test. You can even customize the look and feel of the invitation widget to match your site’s aesthetic.

You can also leverage our advanced redirect and unique identifier (UID) system to leverage participants offered by 3rd party panels. This will ensure that all of your visitors are unique and that your test results are accurate and reliable.

How Do I Add Observers to my Live Conversation(s)?

To add observers to your Live Conversation, select the session on your calendar that you would like to add observers to. On the dialog box that appears, select the three dots on the top right corner.

After clicking on the three dots, select the option that says “Add Observers.”

A new dialog box will then appear with placeholders for the name and email of any observer you would like to invite to your Live Conversation. To add additional observers to your Live Conversation, click on the “+” sign. By default you can have up to five observers present during your test. Add your observers to individual sessions here, and they will receive an email as soon as a participant books the session. If you need more than five participants, please contact our operations team at

How Can I Cancel a Live Conversation Session?

To cancel a Live Conversation session, select the open session on your Userlytics calendar that you wish to cancel. Then, on the corresponding dialog box, select the three dots on the top right corner.

After clicking on the three dots, select the option that says “Delete Slot.”

After selecting “Delete Slot,” a new dialog box will appear asking you to confirm your selection. Select “Delete” to cancel your Live Conversation. The participant and the moderator will be notified of the cancellation via email.

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