How the Userlytics Credit System Works

Userlytics utilizes a credit system as part of its pricing plans to offer users a simplified way to utilize features across the platform. We offer two types of credits: Panel Credits and BYOU Credits.

What is the Difference Between Panel Credits and BYOU Credits?

Panel Credits can be used for either accessing our panel of over 750,000 global participants or for requesting Userlytics’ professional services

BYOU Credits are just for providing your own study participants.

What does 1 Panel Credit get me?

One Panel Credit typically gets you access to one tester from our global panel of participants for a 30-min unmoderated session. We also have moderated studies, 30-min to 60-min, and longer tests that your panel credits can cover. More narrow participant profiles may cost additional credits, but the majority of tester profiles only cost one credit per session.

How Much Does 1 Credit Cost?

Price per credit varies depending on which plan you purchase. Our most popular plans that utilize our credit system are listed below:

Enterprise Plan

  • Panel Credits start at $69 each
  • Volume discounts can lower price down to $34 per Panel Credit
  • Receive 1 free BYOU credit for every Panel Credit purchased

Custom Project Plan

  • Panel Credits start at $99 each

How do I Check How Many Credits I Have Remaining?

To check how many credits you have remaining in your Userlytics account, login into your account dashboard and click “User Admin.”

Once you have clicked “User Admin,” a new page will appear. At the top of the page, a section called “Company” will appear detailing important information about credits within your account. Here, you can see how many Panel Credits and BYOU Credits you have remaining, how many you have already assigned, and how many are unassigned.

How Can I Purchase More Credits?

If you run out of credits, you can purchase more at the original price paid. Just contact a Userlytics team member and we will help you recharge your credits.

How Do I Assign Credits to Different Users Within my Company?

Assigning credits to your team members to allow them to conduct UX studies is easy. Once you are logged into Userlytics, go to your dashboard, and then click on “User Admin.” As long as you are a Super Admin, you can assign the four types of credits (for hybrid and unlimited plans) for your different team members to use. Simply find the name of the team member you wish to assign credits to, and type in the number of Panel or BYOU Credits you wish to assign to them.

How Do I View a Credit Usage Report on Userlytics?

Another method of seeing how many credits each member of your team has left and has already used is by viewing their “Usage Report.” To access a teammate’s usage report, click on “User Admin” in your dashboard. Then, search for the name of the teammate whose Usage Report you would like to access. Once you find their name, click on the icon on the bottom left-hand corner that looks like a data chart. When your mouse hovers over this icon, it should read “Usage Report.”

The Usage Report will appear as a spreadsheet download on your computer. The spreadsheet will contain your teammate’s name, email, number of tests launched, number of credits used, number of panel credits remaining, and number of client credits remaining.

How Do I Access my Teammates’ Dashboards?

If you would like to access your teammates’ dashboards in order to view their credit usage, test results and metrics, you must login to their account through the “User Admin” section of your dashboard. Once you click “User Admin,” find the name of the teammate whose account you would like to access. Once you find their name, click on the right-facing arrow icon on the bottom right-hand corner. This button will take you directly to your teammates’ dashboard, and will allow you to view and use credits on their behalf.


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