How Participants Join your Live Conversation

With Userlytics’ Live Conversations feature, brands can quickly launch real time interviews and screen/webcam sharing with participants who match the characteristics of their target audience. Best of all, participants do not need to download any type of software, application or extension to join a Live Conversation session, making it incredibly simple for onboarding both B2C and B2B participants. Inviting participants to your Live Conversation is quick and easy. Below we go over how to invite participants to your moderated Live Conversation test, and how your participants can accept your invitation and get started with your UX test.

How Do I Invite Participants to my Live Conversation(s)?

If you choose to bring your own users (BYOU) to your testing study, inviting them to join your test is easy and instant. Once you have finished creating and launching your test, there will be a section on your dashboard that says “collect responses.” By clicking on this prompt, you will have the ability to invite your participants via a personalized link. You can choose to send the link on your own through the platform of your choice, and can send it via an email you customize within the dashboard.

Another option for inviting your own participants to your Live Conversation is via a small widget on your website, also available within the “collect responses” section of your Userlytics dashboard. Here, you will be able to copy a small section of code (HTML & JS) and paste it into your site to offer visitors the opportunity to complete your UX test. You can even customize the look and feel of the invitation widget to match your site’s aesthetic.

How Do Participants Accept Live Conversation Invitations?

Once your participant receives the invitation link to your Live Conversation test, they must paste the link into their web browser to begin the process of scheduling a Live Conversation test. The first page that appears will have an entry form that asks the participant to enter their name and email address to begin. After entering their name and email address, the participant should click the “Continue” button.

After submitting their name and email address, participants will be led to a calendar that lists all the available Live Conversation time slots you have identified.

The participant should click on the free slot that matches their availability. After clicking on the session time they would like to schedule, A new dialog box will appear detailing the session information. The participant should select “Book Session.”

After selecting “Book Session,” a thank you page will appear detailing the session date and time. The page will show some tips for preparing for the Live Conversation, and will contain a link to the session. The participants can copy the link and put it in a safe space. Alternatively, participants can easily access the link on the day of their Live Conversation by clicking the session slot on the calendar, where the link will be accessible. The participant should enter the link into their browser at least 15 minutes before the session start time. The participant will also receive email reminders leading up to the session so that they don’t forget.

Once it is 15 minutes before the participant’s scheduled session, they should enter the provided URL into their web browser. Now, the page should contain a button that says “Start Test.” By clicking on this button, participants will be directed to the pre-test before they can begin the Live Conversation.

The purpose of the Live Conversation pre-test is to ensure everything on the participant’s computer is working properly so that there will be no errors during the Live Conversation, such as a faulty Internet connection, problems with the webcam or microphone, or issues with the participant’s web browser. During the pre-test, the participant will be guided through a series of prompts and will have to wait a few moments as we assess their system configuration.

After the pre-test is complete, a new screen will appear going over the pre-test results. If there are any issues with the participant’s system, the pre-test will provide instructions on how to correct them. Once everything checks out, the top of the screen should read “Pre-test checks successful.” The participant should then click the “Continue” button to begin the Live Conversation session.


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