How our Unmoderated Testing Recorder Works

How our Unmoderated Testing Recorder Works

Userlytics makes user experience testing easy and efficient with its state-of-the-art no-download web recorder, allowing participants to jump right into your UX tests right from their web browser and without downloading any extensions or applications. Below, we go over the experience your participants will have using our easy-to-use unmoderated testing web recorder.

How Will Participants Receive the Invitation to my Unmoderated Test?

If you are using the BYOU (Bring your own Users) option, your participants may receive your unmoderated usability test invitation in a few different ways:

One way your participants can receive your unmoderated test invitation is through a personalized email you send containing a link to the test. To invite participants to your test via email, first, go to your unmoderated test on your Userlytics dashboard under the “Open Tests” category.

Then, on your Userlytics dashboard, click on the “Collect Responses” menu option.

Once on the “Collect Responses” page, after scrolling down, you will see an option that says “Invite by Email.” Here, you can type out the email invitation for your participants and send the invitation directly to them without leaving this page; simply type in their name and email, and click the button that says “Send Invitations.”

As an alternative, you may choose to send your participants the invitation link via another messaging platform like Slack or text. On the “Collect Responses” page, you will see another option titled “Easy & Simple.” Here, the invitation link for your test can be copied and sent directly to your participants through the messaging platform of your choice.

Lastly, if you’d like, you can include a Widget on your website that allows anyone to sign-up for your unmoderated test. On the “Collect Responses” page, you will see another option titled “Landing Page Intercept (Widget).” The code here can be pasted into your web page to allow any of your web visitors to take your unmoderated test by clicking on the Widget.

How Do Participants Join my Unmoderated Test?

After receiving your unmoderated test invitation, your participants should click on “Launch Test” to get started. If you have specified that you want your participants to supply you with their name and/or contact information, they will be asked to do so at this point.

If you have added a screener option to your unmoderated test to ensure your test participants match your target demo, they will also be asked to complete this section before they can begin the test.

If your participants do not qualify for your unmoderated test, they will receive a message similar to the one shown below. This message can be customized to your liking within the test builder.

If your participants do qualify for your unmoderated test, they will receive the message shown below and will then be redirected to the test start page:

How do Participants Set up the Configuration for the Unmoderated Testing Web Recorder?

Web Recorder Pre-Test

Once your participants join an unmoderated test, they will be guided through a quick pre-test to ensure everything on their computer is working correctly. The pre-test will check their computer’s audio and video quality, their browser compatibility, their Internet connection, and their screen sharing permissions. Participants should be sure to close any other applications or software that are recording their screen or accessing their computer’s audio before beginning the pre-test.

After the pre-test is complete, a new screen will appear going over the pre-test results. If there are any issues with your participant’s system, the pre-test will provide instructions on how they can correct them. Once your participant has corrected any system errors, they can run the pre-test again by selecting the “check again” button.

Once everything checks out, the top of your participant’s screen should read “Pre-test checks successful.” Your participant should then click the “Continue” button to begin the unmoderated testing session.

Catalina Update for Mac Users

As per Apple’s new Catalina update 10.15, participants using a Mac operating system will have to adjust their security settings before they are able to share their screen in an unmoderated usability test. By following the instructions here, they can enable their screen recording and get started. They will only have to do this once, and should be able to continue taking tests from that point on without any technical issues.

Two Browser Tabs Warning

Once starting the test, your participant will be given a warning regarding how they must navigate the unmoderated test using two different tabs: one for completing the test tasks, and one for viewing your website or prototype. Your participants will be reminded of this throughout the test to ensure they complete the test properly.

How do Participants Navigate the Unmoderated Web Recorder?

Once starting the test, your participants will again be reminded about the importance of keeping two tabs opened throughout the duration of the test. Clicking “next” will allow them to continue going through the test tasks.

The next test task should open up your website or prototype, allowing your participants to review the usability and functionality of your platform.

Throughout the rest of the test, your participants will be guided through your test tasks on their original browser tab, and will go back and forth between this tab and your website or prototype until they complete the test. Your participants will be reminded to speak out loud as they complete the tasks in order to give you more insight into their answers and overall perception of your platform.

Some sample tasks you may choose to implement in your unmoderated test are shown below.

Once your participants have completed all the tasks, they will be prompted to upload their test results.

After the upload is complete, a checkmark will appear on their screen, and they will be able to close the tasks tab.

What Benefits Does the Unmoderated Testing Web Recorder Offer?

Easy Onboarding

Because our web recorder does not require participants to download any special application, plug-in or extension, participant onboarding is quick and easy. Easy onboarding means less participant drop-off, and more reliable test results. Additionally, our no-download technology allows you to easily target B2B Personas within corporate firewalls!

Compatible with Most Browsers

Our no-download web recorder is compatible with the latest version of the most commonly used browsers. So whether your participants are using the latest version of Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, or Edge, they will be able to start and finish your user experience tests with ease.

Totally Customizable

For a user experience test that is totally on-brand, our web recorder is entirely customizable. Include automatic quantitative metrics like time on task, single and multiple choice questions, SUS, and more. As you customize the look and feel of your UX test, add custom titles and descriptions your testers will see throughout the test. If you’d like, you can remove any Userlytics references and private label the entire process.


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