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Get the most out of your moderated testing

Our moderated studies allow you to remotely meet face-to-face with study participants to gather rich UX insights. The guides below will teach you how to create moderated studies, schedule session slots, invite participants, and more.

Live Conversations
Live Conversations - Client Guide What is a Live Conversation? Our Live Conversation feature allows you to have a 1-on-1 live interview session with a participant, thus allowing you to have real-time feedback and dive deeper into any questions or issues that
How to Launch a Moderated Test With Userlytics’ Live Conversation feature, you can conduct remote user experience tests with the active participation of a trained facilitator or moderator. Like unmoderated usability tests, Live Conversations include advanced UX testing features like picture-in-picture, skipping
How Participants Join your Moderated Test With Userlytics’ Live Conversations feature, brands can quickly launch real time interviews and screen/webcam sharing with participants who match the characteristics of their target audience. Best of all, participants do not need to download any type
How to Use our Moderated Web Recorder Userlytics’ testing platform utilizes several different web recorders to give you and your participants the most seamless remote testing experience possible. Our new and improved “Moderated Testing” web recorder offers you the most advanced, native
With Userlytics' Live Conversations tool, you can conduct simple and efficient face-to-face interviews with your target persona to collect key data about your digital product's usability. Below are some top level "Dos and Don'ts" you can follow when conducting a Live Conversation
Userlytics' Live Conversations feature allows you to conduct advanced, moderated usability tests with clients from right within our platform. Below are the technical requirements needed to successfully join a Moderated Test session: Browser  Bandwidth Video specifications Firewall Our services require access to

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