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Learn how to target your exact customer

Everything you need to know about sourcing and inviting participants to your UX studies, all in one place. Read on to learn how to guarantee that your study participants match your customer profile and brand needs.

Audiences & Filtering
What is a screener and how do I set it up correctly? As an added way to ensure your testers fit the exact profile of your target demographic, our advanced test builder has the option of adding a screener to the beginning
Client Recruitment: Invitation Widget If you are supplying your own testers, you can create a customizable invitation widget and add it to your page or website. You can find this by clicking “Open tests” and, in your chosen project, click “collect responses.” Next, scroll
Collect Responses If you wish to supply your own testers you can do so simply by sending them a recruitment link. You can find this by clicking “Open tests” and, in your chosen project, click “collect responses.” There, you will find a recruitment link. You can copy the
How to Use Userlytics’ Tracking Functionality For clients who want to track their own UX study participants without having them supply personal information, our Tracking Functionality is an excellent tool. Our system allows you to set a variable that can identify specific

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