Getting Started: Lesson #1

Before Starting UX Testing

So you’ve decided you want to start investing in user experience research. Soon, you’ll be on your way to creating targeting UX tests and creating an actionable plan to improve […]
Getting Started: Lesson #2

Create your First UX Test

After you’ve identified your test goals, target audience and testing methodology, it’s time to build out your first user experience test. The first step in creating your first UX test […]
Getting Started: Lesson #3

Unmoderated VS Live Conversation UX Tests

Our test builder gives you the option between conducting unmoderated usability tests, or Live Conversation usability tests. Both types of tests are effective and can help you gather a variety […]
Getting Started: Lesson #4

Define UX Test Info

Whether you choose to conduct moderated usability testing or Live Conversations, our intuitive test builder makes it easy for you to create your test and get started. Below we break […]

Filter UX Test Audience

Source of Participants When choosing participants for your user experience study, you have the option of sourcing your participants in a few different ways. You may choose to utilize Userlytics’ […]
Getting Started: Lesson #6

Filter More with Screeners

As an added way to ensure your testers fit the exact profile of your target demographic, our test builder has the built in option of adding a screener to the […]
Getting Started: Lesson #7

Invite your own Participants

If you choose to bring your own users (BYOU) to your testing study, inviting them to join your test is easy and instant. Collect Responses Feature Once you have finished […]
Getting Started: Lesson #8

Schedule Live Conversations Sessions

If you are conducting a Live Conversation UX study with your participants, you will have to ensure your moderator and participants select time slots for the test(s) they will be […]
Getting Started: Lesson #9

Define your Test Tasks

The last step before launching your first UX test is designing tasks and questions for your participants. Strategically choosing tasks that will help draw the insights you are looking for […]
Getting Started: Lesson #10

Analyze and Share UX Test Results

After all your testing sessions have been completed, it’s time to analyze and share your results. Userlytics provides a suite of tools that allow you to quickly review participant UX […]