BYOU Tests Guideline

This document outlines the steps to be taken for BYOU Participants Recruitment in the Userlytics Platform.

1st Step

  • Select Client Supplies option in the participant configuration page in the test builder
  • Define the number of participants for the study
  • (OPTIONAL) Edit and customize the look & feel of the participant landing page participants will see when you are inviting them through a Userlytics Generated Link. (Company Logo, Landing Page Colors, Landing Page Text)
  • (OPTIONAL) Simple Test Completion Redirect: Specify a URL that will redirect participants to once they have finished uploading the results of their test
  • (OPTIONAL) OverQuota Redirection: The URL participants will be directed to if there are no more available slots to perform (Test has already been completed).

client-recruitment pic

2nd step

  • Select one of the two the client supplied participants URL
  • Easy and Simple Link: Copy the link that is provided and send it to your potential participants, when using this option we will ask participants for their name and email (optional) so you can identify them.
  • Advanced Functionality Link: Alternatively, you can copy this link and send it out to your potential participants. Defining a variable in the link, will allow you to identify specific respondents without them having to provide their name or email. This can be done by copying the link and changing the text after the “=” so “tester1” is the variable name in this case.

3rd step

    1. Testers would have to download the Userlytics Recorder and copy and paste the code that is provided in order to begin the test.
  • Mobile/Tablet
    1. Testers are required to download the “Userlytics Mobile App”. They would then proceed to input the code into the app to begin the test.
    2. The app can be found by searching for Userlytics Or in the following links:
      1. iOS:
      2. Android:
    3. If you’re testing an iOS app and would like to record participant’s webcam, due to iOS limitations, a mirroring methodology would be used. This methodology requires participants to project their mobile device’s screen into the desktop. When this is the case they will be provided with the following set of instructions: The code they are provided needs to be inserted into the Userlytics Desktop Recorder.
    4. Important notes: Make sure testers are aware that no windows should be covering the projection of the mobile device.
    5. If within the test script you are redirecting participants to a different URL, we recommend shortening the links with This is because the URL will need to be typed manually into the mobile device.

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Generic recommendations on how best to launch tests when using your own participants:

  1. 1. Always invite more participants than your desired number of completes (the lower the incentive you offer, the higher the ratio);
  2. 2. If your targets are behind a corporate firewall, suggest:
    • Running the test from their home, or;
    • Running the test on their personal mobile Wi-Fi connection, or;
    • Set up the test as a mobile web test, and thus leverage their ability to download our apps from the Appstore/Google Play
  3. 3. Ask participants to read instructions out loud during the test, this has proven to ease participants into providing more verbal feedback.

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