testflight testing

How to Test a Testflight Prototype

How to Test a Testflight Prototype Inviting Userlytics testers to Testflight is very easy. All you have to do is use a public link to do this. Please go to App Store Connect: […]

BYOU – Tutorial

BYOU Tests Guideline This document outlines the steps to be taken for BYOU Participants Recruitment in the Userlytics Platform. 1st Step Select Client Supplies option in the participant configuration page […]
Share with others

How to Share Project Results

How to share Project Results One of Userlytics’ most useful features is its “Share Project Results” capability. This capability allows those conducting user experience tests with Userlytics to share key […]
Source of Participants

Source of Participants

Source of Participants: Which should I choose? This refers to the system you want to use to source participants for your usability test. Global Panel: Userlytics has a global panel of […]

Which methodology should I choose?

Which methodology should I choose? The methodologies refer to what we want to record in the usability test with respect to the participant. There is no price difference between them. Choosing […]

Custom Recruitment Link

Custom Recruitment Link If you supply your own testers and wish to create a custom link, you can do so by using the Custom Recruitment Link. You can find this by clicking […]
Client Recruitment

Client Recruitment Link

Client Recruitment Link If you wish to supply your own testers you can do so simply by sending them a recruitment link. You can find this by clicking “Open tests” and, in […]
Skipping Logic

Skipping Logic

Skipping Logic Skipping Logic is a feature that determines which questions will be asked next based on how the previous question was answered. Skipping logic, also known as branching logic, […]